The #LiveBrave workshop and discussion is centered around The Beginner's Guide to Finding Your Brave book, and ask participants to answer questions such as: why it's important to find their brave, participate in a personal fear assessment, how to make brave choices, and how community service advances their personal and professional goals. The discussion segment is designed to address questions raised in the workshop for group conversation.

  • Q.Is there a cost for the #LiveBrave workshop + dicussion with author?

    A. No, The author host the workshop + discussion at no cost and does not charge a speakers fee. We do ask that travel and hotel accommodations be provided for speaker if you are outside of the Dallas/Ft. Worth area.


    your organization purchases a minimum of 15 books on Amazon prior to booking (please attach receipt to reservation email).

  • Q.Can I order more than the specified amout of books?

    A.Yes, if you are purchasing more than 25 books email info@thebraveguide.com. Please take into account, it takes Amazon fulfillment 8-10 business days to complete bulk order purchases.

Take Back Your Life. Find Your Brave.

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About The Book

The Beginners Guide to Finding Your Brave

Cowardice is the most challenging issue facing our society today.
In both our personal and professional lives, many of us are taking a backseat to our standards, talents, morals, and dreams. But why? According to author Earlina Green, the answer is painfully simple — somewhere along the way, we lost our brave.
Fortunately, she’s on a mission to help us find it.
Millennial author and brave finder Green is at it again with her second title, The Beginner’s Guide to Finding Your Brave. This book is a guide for anyone looking to recapture their inner childhood superhero and rediscover their brave.
· Know yourself
· Make no excuses for your fear
· Take action
CAUTION: Taking action will require you to leave
yourself behind.

About The Author

Earlina Green

Earlina Green is a writer and former sports executive. She is the author of Seven Tips for Breaking Into the World of Sports and has lectured at West Point United States Military Academy on sports sociology. Green has given speeches on issues that affect millennials, women in sports and fearless ambition.

We value your privacy and would never spam you